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Who we are

Marketers & innovators

With a long history developing & implementing advertising strategy for world class brands in Norway, UK, USA & SA.


Developing mobile SaaS technology for over 18 years. Always innovating & keeping up to date with the latest technology.

PoS integration specialists

With over 8 years experience navigating through all technical & campaign aspects of PoS integration.

Our story

About us timeline.png

The idea for our mobile rewards and consumer engagement platform was born from many years working with global brands and agencies conceptualising campaigns and developing the technology for a vast variety of solutions to find new customers, to incentivise those customers to drive them into store, and to then engage with those customers to gather insights and keep them coming back.

At this stage we were a multi award winning mobile focused marketing and development agency, founded in 2006 with offices in Norway, South Africa and Brasil.

We were becoming increasingly frustrated with the cost to brands and retailers for constantly re-inventing the wheel to gain and re-engage customers.

Having secured funding via Norad to research and develop a number of SaaS platform concepts, the solution evolved out of our work delivering barcodes through mobile phone screens for airline boarding passes, event tickets and mobile vouchers… the idea of a cost effective and sustainable environment where you could easily attract new customers, drive them into stores, immediately gain measurable real time revenue based insights, and nurture an ongoing relationship with those customers in a targeted and relevant way to increase their value.

To prove the concept was effective and of value to both consumers and retailers, we developed and launched a multi-tenant 'non-integrated' mobile stamp card application in 2012 which was very well received and was live in Norway, South Africa, Malaysia and Vietnam. Based on the success of this proof of concept, in 2013 we turned our focus to a point of sale integrated offering.

We've been fortunate to have worked with a great selection of category leading brands and retailers and have gained, and continue to gain, enormous insight and experience which the retailers and partners we work with benefit from.

We are also very fortunate to have a very strong team of investors, partners and staff with varied and valuable experience behind them. In 2014 we were invested in by Dynamic Technologies, and became part of the DTH software and technology group, with 12 group companies employing 1100+ technology professionals, business leaders and support staff across South Africa, the UK, the US and Europe. We have the infrastructure and expertise to provide services and products across the British, European, US, South African and sub-Saharan Africa markets.

We have an unshakeable love for what we do, enjoy building relationships with retailers and brand partners and are looking forward to constantly evolving and enhancing this set of solutions to continually provide increasing benefit to retailers, brand partners and their customers.

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